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The Slow flowers movement

is growing more and more in Finland and it`s great!

In order for the local flowers grown in the fields to reach an even wider group of people, we need to work together:

only cooperation will change things.

We want to be part of this change and we see supporting Finnish farmers as the only chance to enjoy cut flowers in the future.

Jenni & Anni

thoughtful floristry

Studio Frö is Finland's first local florist shop.

We follow the slow flower philosophy that originated in the United States.

In the summer season, from May to October, we use domestic cut flowers grown in open ground. Outside the harvest season, we use domestic cuttings grown in greenhouses and dried flowers. In addition, we receive flowers from Estonia and, if necessary, buy flowers grown in Europe from farmers who operate in the industry as responsibly as possible.

We tie and arrange flowers in a modern garden style, using the most wonderful garden materials, respecting the plant's various, even wild, growth forms.

Studio Frö began from Jenni's desire to do things more sustainably.

Working with waste flowers showed the dark side of the outwardly beautiful flower industry:

long transport distances, a huge amount of waste and uncertainty about the growing conditions of the materials, not to mention workers' rights. Information about the origin of flowers traveling to Finland from abroad is poorly available, and it is impossible to sell flowers with a large carbon footprint with a clear conscience.

Seasonal thinking is already a trend in the food industry, why couldn't it also work with flowers?

We enjoy wonderful domestic flowers when they are available - the exciting, tickling feeling that overwhelms us at Studio Frö as the spring and summer flower season approaches is palpable. Creativity and different ideas fly around when planning what kind of creations to build with spring's first open field tulips.

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JENNI - Creative Director & Floral Designer

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+358 40 503 9862

ANNI - Head of Events and Design

+358 45 352 4124

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