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rosewood & poppy pink nro. 13

PriceFrom 30,00 €
VAT Included
  • rosewood & poppy pink nro.13 -a special blend of the bestselling pink colours rosewood and poppy pink. Ribbon has warm rosewood (warm pinkish brown) colour base with poppy pink overlay. A beautiful vibrant colour that is easy to combine with wide range flowers to add some dimension and pop of brighter colour to bouquets with more traditional palette. naturally dyed with botanical dyes, no chemicals

  • natural 100% silk habotai

  • bias cut ribbon with laser cut sides, please note bias cut ribbon has seam in every 2m or 3m

  • in length of 3 m. If you would like to have more than 3 meters in continues length, please contact us first

  • available in 5cm width

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