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We use only natural, organic grown and sourced materials and colors for our hand dyed silk ribbons and styling fabrics which are by product in a garment industry.

Natural and botanical colors differ from man made colors as they are more unique and yield more often one of a kind colors even when repeating the same recipe over and over again. Therefore in our product there might occur from time to time some of nature's own “perfect imperfections”. Seldom the colors are just solid, they tend to have several shades or hues.


We try to avoid non-natural products as much as possible but there is some use throughout some processes, though it is very minimal. Colors and fixatives are non toxic. We wash all of our ribbons and fabrics with a fixative to ensure colour fastness. Although rare, there is a possibility of small dye molecules being left on fabrics and ribbons.

Try to avoid dampening or getting the silk ribbons or fabrics wet as it may cause color irregularities.


If you need to clean them, please do use mild , PH neutral soap or silk / wool soap to do so.


Air dry and iron in low heat.


As with any hand dyed item, follow the care instructions and use thoughtfully.


Dry and store your ribbons out of sunlight. Natural dyes are highly susceptible to changes in PH, and can fade in sunlight and can react to chemicals, they are very sensitive, we use the term ‘living pigment’ to describe our dye colouring, so it is important they are stored safely away from sunlight to help reduce fading.

Our most popular ribbon - the classic bias cut Silk Ribbon, has a smooth weave, with a medium level sheen with a semi-sheer surface. It has no thorn edges but a clean and non-frayed look.


Why to choose bias cut ribbon over hand thorn or straight cut? Bias cut silk ribbon is created by cutting rolls of woven silk on a 45-degree angle. The fabric drapes more beautifully, flows more organically in the bias direction, compared to the on-grain direction. This ribbon offers great movement and flexibility as it drapes gorgeously. With a bias cut ribbon there will be a seam in the ribbon every 3 to 4 meters.


Our Crinkle Silk has a stunning natural crinkle that runs end to end and its straight cut, not thorn with slightly frayed edges. It is highly textured, but still incredibly light and has a slight stretch. You can use it as super wrinkled or lightly iron to smoothen the ribbon surface for a smoother look.

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