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Naturally dyed silk ribbons and styling fabrics


Naturally dyed silk ribbons and styling fabrics
Naturally dyed silk ribbons and styling fabrics

I'm Satu Maaria, a visualist and prop & product stylist, deeply in love with the world of natural dyeing. We are located in south of Finland, where I curate and small-batch-dye all the ribbons and fabrics myself.


I remember years ago I need silk ribbons for a bridal shoot, and I thought I can do this, I can make beautiful silk ribbon and dye it myself. So, I did, I researched how to do it, bought some silk from a local fabric store and some avocados to make the dye.


I was so happy with the results and thought maybe there is something here, should I make some more and maybe sell them. So, I did. There was a little voice back of my head telling me all along something was not quite right, but I could not put my finger to it until I got a customer feedback from a florist that had used my ribbons on a bridal bouquet. Although the ribbon looked nice and the colour was fine, the actual product was so low in quality which at the time, I couldn't understand. The sides of the ribbon had frayed so much in use, all the little fibers had tangled to the bouquet, got stuck in the bride's ring and her dress.

I was mortified, so ashamed and most of all so sadden by the event thinking of the bride’s day, photos from a special day and how my product had caused her such a disappointment.

After that I took a little break from making silk ribbons and started to do some serious research about raw materials, fibers, and also the art of natural dyeing. Fast forward today, I can proudly say I have cracked the code of a perfect silk ribbon and found a true passion from and for natural dyeing.

Over the years I have found a raw material supplier that meets the high standards. Our ribbons are made using very high-quality silks as a by-product in silk fabric and garment production. The ribbons are made from off cuts of exquisite quality materials. The purpose on using otherwise going to waste materials is one of the carrying forces of Story of Silk.

And this is the true testament of a good quality silk ribbon - as opposed to being ripped or cut in the direction of the fabrics weave, our luxury smooth ribbons are biased cut which allows them not only to flow more beautifully, but it also leaves the edge clean and un-frayed. Therefore, our ribbons do not have entangled threads and they are smooth with high quality look and feel. They also have great movement and flexibility.

Ethical partners, fair-trade business and practices are a must in Story of Silk. So, it is only logical to use natural dyes foraged and grown responsibly without any chemicals. And yes, even some of our home's kitchen waste is turned to amazing natural colours. Available colours change as the seasons do too, bringing the best colours from nature. Small-batch dyeing from natural ingredients means that every batch is unique and special.

Natural dye. Avocado dye.
Natural dye ingridients. Botanical dyes. Avocado dye.
Natural dye. Botanical dyes.
Bridal bouquet silk ribbons.
Bridal bouquet silk ribbons.
Bridal bouquet silk ribbons.

I can now proudly use my own naturally dyed silk ribbons in my styling work and I'm so happy that I'm able to share them with you too. I have countless times seen how such a simple but effective thing as a silk ribbon has elevated my own work and how my work shines in images now.

A simple silk ribbon with its elegant, ethereal movement and exquisite texture holds the power to transform a scene, a setting, a bouquet, stationery or flatlay into something much more. It adds another level of intention, quality, and luxury.

satu maaria

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