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5 signs for perfect silk ribbon


– good quality silk has a smooth, soft texture that is not slippery, unlike many synthetic fibers

- when it comes to ribbon materials, I like to categorize them in to two;

the more common and mostly used smooth ribbons and textured ones

- any given moment I would always choose a ribbon that is cut in angle like bias cut for the perfect movement, flexibility, and mostof all the ever so important smooth edges of the ribbons

- did you know when you thorn straight fabric sheets from a larger piece the edges will always fray and

produce those oh so unwanted fluffy fibers that gets tangled everywhere.

But when the ribbon is cut in agle it holds more firmly and the sides do not unfold

- it`s much harder, usually impossible to cut textured fabrics in bias so that they would have nice flow therefore textured ones will always have fraying and extra fibers floating around as they are straight cut

- but when it comes to smooth ribbon, go always for the bias cut for the ultimate and refined look!


– although we all have preferences when it comes to colours, other prefer more bright

than muted ones, colour itself should be natural not artificial looking


– how does the ribbon move?

It should flow, curve, and bend easily.

Imagine light breeze or tying the ribbon to a bow. When the ribbon is good there are no harsh corners, straight or flat lines

- simply the ribbon should bend to your needs. When ribbon is cut in diagonal angle also known as bias cut it stretches and it allows you to do so much more with it


– imagine the ribbon between your fingers, how does it feel?

Soft, silky, light, smooth, right?

– how does it look like? Smooth, textured, maybe ruff but still soft


– is not simply the raw materials quality but in my opinion, it is all the previous factors combined.

- why choose anything else when it comes to refining your own work and making it shine, right?


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